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Authorized Dealer of CM, Norstar & Neckover Truck Beds

At 3W Truck Beds, we are a trusted source for the best truck beds in Texas. We are an authorized dealer of CM, Norstar and Neckover truck beds and can deliver the best solutions for you and your truck. 3W Truck Beds has been providing the best services for customers in Texas and the surrounding states since opening our doors in 2009. We deliver the right solutions for truck beds and truck accessories for every customer we serve.

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The Best Solutions From an Authorized Dealer of CM Truck Beds

Options available from CM Truck Beds include aluminum and steel models that are designed to fit your vehicle perfectly. As an authorized dealer of CM Truck Beds, we can deliver outstanding options that will work for your needs. We can help you find flat beds, stake bodies and service bodies from CM that will deliver reliable service now and in the future.


We Are an Authorized Dealer of Neckover Truck Beds

Neckover truck beds are widely regarded within the industry as innovative and durable heavy-duty options for pulling trailers and hauling loads. As an authorized dealer of Neckover products, 3W Truck Beds can provide the guidance and help you need to find the right Neckover truck bed for your vehicle.


Norstar Truck Beds From the Experts at 3W Truck Beds

From skirted to service truck beds, 3W Truck Beds can provide the Norstar options that work for your needs. We are an authorized dealer of Norstar Truck Beds and can provide you with the best truck beds and truck accessories for your unique needs and requirements.

At 3W Truck Beds, we go the extra mile to help you find your bed and to install it on your vehicle. Give us a call today at 254-739-5483 or drop us an email at [email protected]. We’re here to help you with elite truck beds from top brands like Neckover, Norstar and CM.


Video Transcript

0:21 The History of 3W Truck Beds
1:03 Flat Beds
2:14 Contact Us


Hi, my name is Brandon Whitaker with 3W Truck Beds. I’m the owner here in Teague, Texas. We specialize in CM, Neckover, and Northstar truck beds, plus truck accessories, front bumpers, airbags, grill guards, running boards, and many more things. 

0:21 The History of 3W Truck Beds

So we opened our doors in early 2009 right here in Teague, Texas. We do automotive Service work for the local community, kind of three county surrounding areas. We’ve been in a little bit of everything. We’ve had a feed store at one time. We’ve also sold used cars, but we really landed here in the automotive truck bed and the truck accessory business and have really been able to do well. Now we’re able to service the entire state of Texas and beyond. 

We’ve had customers drive from Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and other surrounding states. So we get calls all the time, every day folks, just not sure where to start and searching for the right truck bed. We’ll help you determine what size and shape, what style bed you need. 

1:03 Flatbeds

The flat beds are manufactured for 3/4 ton and larger pickups: Ford, Dodge, Chevrolet, GMC. We do a lot of trucks that customers have that come with beds on them, but we also specialize a lot in commercial trucks. So these are more like a chassis that you’d buy brand new at a dealership, and we can put anything from a standard flatbed, adding maybe a couple of toolboxes under, to utility beds and service bodies. We also do the fuel tanks and toolboxes on top of those beds. 

Our truck bed install team has been here, for the most part, the entire team since 2016. So we have a longstanding experienced team. We have a certified welder that’s in place that does an outstanding job. We are truly committed and kind of obsessed, to be honest with you, with the customer experience. 

So we do not just stick a bed on just a quick install. We want the customer installation experience to be outstanding and we strive to go above and beyond and make sure that we exceed all expectations when we’re installing truck beds and accessories. 

2:14 Contact Us

So if you are in the market for a flatbed, check out our website at Look at our Google reviews, check out our Facebook page at 3W Truck Beds, or just give us a call at 254-739-5483. You can also text us at that number. 

We look forward to hearing from you at 3W Truck Beds. Thank you so much.


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