What’s It Like Working With 3W Truck Beds?

What’s It Like Working With 3W Truck Beds? Our Commitment to Customer Service

Working with a team that cares about the success of your project can help you find the perfect truck beds for your needs. At 3W Truck Beds, our commitment to customer service is second to none in the industry. We show in this video that we put your needs first and deliver the right solutions to enhance productivity and to help you get the job done every day.


The Expertise You Need for Your Truck Bed Project

Brandon Whitaker and the professionals at 3W Truck Beds have the experience and in-depth knowledge needed to recommend the most practical solution for you. Whether you need a short bed, a flatbed or specialty utility truck beds, our team can help you find the ideal option for your truck and your budget. We install truck beds that are tailored to your specific set of needs.


Top-notch Customer Service From Professionals Who Care

At 3W Truck Beds, we really listen to our customers and strive to provide the best service and the most positive recommendations for you. By taking the time to hear what you have to say, our team can pinpoint the truck bed that is precisely right for your needs. We offer one-day installations and provide a warm and welcoming atmosphere for our customers both locally and from across the United States.

The entire team at 3W Truck Beds is committed to the highest standards of customer service and to providing the right solutions for those we serve. To learn more about working with 3W, you can visit us online or give us a call at 254-739-5483. We’re here to help you with truck beds that are exactly suited to your needs.


Video Transcript

One of the things we really focus on is providing an outstanding customer experience. We want to make sure that the customer is able to find the exact right bed for their needs starting with a phone call and our sales team are qualified and an expert at what we do, and so we’re able to help you determine which beds you’re looking for. 

Beyond that, we offer a one-day installation with an appointment. We’ve had customers drive from hours and hours away and spend the day with us. We take that to heart, take it very seriously. We want to make sure that you’re welcome, that it’s; more than just a transaction, getting a bed installed. But we really try to become friends and treat you like family. If you’re here all day, we make sure you get a good lunch and that you’re well taken care of throughout the entire process. 

One of the great features about our install team is that they’re very welcoming to the customers, to help them understand what we’re doing. The install is a lot of work; there’s a lot more involved than most people expect, and so we’re able to walk you through all of that process and eliminate any questions or doubt in your mind, and our install team really does a great job of that. 

At the end of the day, we want you to be completely satisfied and overwhelmed with really exceeding your expectations with the product and the service that we provided with the install. If anything does arise after the fact, we are always here, you know. We’ve been here for years and we’re going to continue to be here, and so service after the sale is very important to us as well, and we really just want to focus on and make certain that that customer experience, the experience you have here, is more than just a transaction but it really exceeds your expectations. 

So if you are in the market for a flatbed, check out our website at Texastruckbeds.com. Look at our Google reviews, check out our Facebook page at 3W Truck Beds or just give us a call at 254-739-5483. You can also text us at that number. We look forward to hearing from you at 3W Truck Beds, thank you so much.


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