Norstar UB Bed


#### OVERVIEW The ALL-NEW UB Service Bed brings a new twist on the service truck bed. With a square body and removable rear bumper you’ll find everything you need to make this bed your ultimate service body bed. \ \ The Norstar UB Service Bed brings something new to the service bed linup. This bed was made for the working who is constantly on the go and needs their tools with, always. You get 3 massive locking toolboxes on each side, newly designed LED lighting and a bolt-on removable rear bumper that makes customizing this bed easier than ever. \ #### FEATURES Structural Steel Frame Galvanneal Steel Construction Truck Specific Cross Member Layout 1/8” Diamond Plate Steel Floor Angled Fuel Filler Neck & DEF Ready Bolt-On Frame Mounted Rear Bumper Integrated Step in Rear Bumper Rolled Rubber Fenders 6 Tool Boxes w/ Adj Shelves NEW Master Locking System Bolt-On Fold Down Tail Gate Primer & Powder Coated White 4- 4″ Multi Function Rear Facing Lights Dual LED License Plate Light 3/4” Side Markers All Lighting DOT Approved Mudflap Brackets #### SIZE GUIDE Use this guide when ordering your Norstar truck bed. Please observe the measurements of each dimension and check before placing your order. \ \ Length: Measurement from cab to end of frame. \ Width: Measurement from outside of tire to outside of tire CTA: Measurement from cab to axle Runner: Measurement from outside of frame to outside of frame at the rear of the frame. Models: ST, SF, SR, SD Order Method: Model x Length x Width x CTA x Runner Example: ST 9’4″L x 97″W x 60″CTA x 34″ Runners (Add options) Note: 11′ long beds will have 84″ CTA \ \ **Ford** \ 1998-Present Dually — 8’6″L x 97″W x 56″ CTA x 38″ Runners Single Wheel Long Wheel Base — 8’6″L x 84″W x 56″CTA x 38″ Runner Single Wheel Short Wheel Base — 84″L x 84″W x 40″CTA x 38″ Runner Cab & Chassis — 9’4″L x 94”/97″W x 60″CTA x 34″ Runners F-450 & 550 are 94″ & 97″W with Standard Headache Rack 2015 F650 Runners 34.5″ \ \ **GM/Chevy** \ 2001-Present Dually — 8’6″L x 97″W x 56″CTA x 42″ Runners Single Wheel Long Wheel Base — 8’6″L x 84″W x 56″CTA x 42″ Runner Single Wheel Short Wheel Base — 84″L x 84″W x 42″CTA x 42″ Runner Cab & Chassis — 9′ 4″L x 94″/97″W x 60″CTA x 34″ Runners (Prior to 2000 measurements will be required) \ \ **Dodge** \ 2003-Present 2007 Cab and Chassis — 9’4″L x 94″W x 60″CTA x 34″ Runner Mega Cab — 84″L x 97″W x 40″ CTA x 42″ Runners Mega Cab — 84″L x 84″W x 38″ CTA x 42″ Runners Dually — 8’6″L x 97″W x 58″CTA x 42″ Runners Single Wheel Long Wheel Base — 8’6″L x 84″W x 58″CTA x 42″ Runner Single Wheel Short Wheel Base — 84″L x 84″W x 38″CTA x 42″ Runner 2002 and earlier will have 56″ CTA and 38″ Runners on long bed \ \ **Harness Adapters** \ Plug N Play \ Installation Adapters \ The standard wire harness plug on Norstar beds will fit most GM vehicle factory harnesses. We also offer a variety of plug n play adapters that will vehicles year models by the following manufacturers: \ 1001010 WIRE HARNESS ADAPTER DODGE, CAB CHASS (YEAR 2000-CURRENT) \ 1001009 WIRE HARNESS ADAPTER FORD, CAB CHASS (YEAR 2000-CURRENT) 1001011 WIRE HARNESS ADAPTER FORD, PICK-UP BOX DELETE CURRENT (YEAR 2011-CURRENT) 1001013 WIRE HARNESS ADAPTER FORD, PICK-UP BOX DELETE w/ STOP ADAPTOR (YEAR 2011-CURRENT) 1001012 WIRE HARNESS ADAPTER GM, ADAPTER (YEAR 2015) 1001014 WIRE HARNESS ADAPTER GM, PICK-UP BOX DELETE (YEAR 2010-2014)






UB Bed


3/4" LED Marker Lights, 4 Clear 6" Oval LED Reverse Lights, 6 Red 6" Oval LED ST/TL/TN Lights, Single LED License Plate Light, Rear Work Light w/ Switch on Head Rack; All Lighting DOT Approved


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