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#### OVERVIEW A lighter weight option for people looking for the utility of a service body in a more fuel-efficient material. Rust and corrosion resistant, and yet remarkably strong. \ \ #### SPECS AND FEATURES LENGTHS: 76”, 81”, 82”, 98”, 110”, 134” HEADACHE RACK: Optional DECK: .125″ Treaplate Aluminum Deck FRAME RAILS: 3/16″ Aluminum CROSSMEMBERS: 3/16″ Aluminum BP HITCH: Option Bolt-on (Cab Chassis) FUEL FILL: Angled Cast REAR LIGHTING: Clear LED Oval MARKER LIGHTING: Bullet DOT Approved LED TOOLBOX: 6 Standard Integrated Toolboxes TOOLBOX HANDLE: Chrome T Handle Compression FENDERS: Polished Aluminum Trim TIEDOWNS: (4) Tiedown Loops \ \ #### STANDARD EQUIPMENT Super-durable powder-coat finish Using the highest quality powder-coat finish, we go under every edge and cover every crevice to ensure your truck bed is protected. This superior finish also adds a shine that will last for many years. \ Non-slip black lava Count on the toughest, most durable deck coating that extends the life of our truck bodies. Not only does it hold up through the rigorous work, but it also provides a non-skid surface. \ Gas cylinder-style door holders These gas shocks provide strength that allows our doors to open smoothly and stay open so you can use your truck body for what its intended for…work! \ Smooth Welded Tops On the CB and CBA bodies, you would see the treadbrite aluminum compartment tops. \ LED rear lighting with wiring harness Our clear LED lights are brighter, easy-to-maintain, and use less power than conventional incandescent lights, so your lights will be easily seen and recognized. \ Recessed rear bumper Our crash zone bumper reduces potential damage to your vehicle while adding safety and peace of mind when you’re on the road. \ Treadbrite aluminum compartment tops No covers here! Solid aluminum compartment tops provide strength to the tops of our toolboxes and all that they can hold. \ T-handle twist compression latches The T-handle compression latches on our panel doors allow for easy access to the body’s storage compartments, while keeping moisture out of the toolbox and away from your tools when shut. \ Vise socket in bumper We put a vise well in the rear of every bumper on every service body that we manufacture, so when you are ready to work, our bodies are too. \ Heavy-duty rear tailgate When you haul materials on our decks, you can rest assured that our tailgates will be tough enough to keep the material inside of the deck. They are rated at over 400 lbs., supporting even the largest operators to gain access into our bodies. \ Universal body and bumper mounting kit Installation has never been easier, thanks to our easy-to-use mounting kits — included standard with every SBA. \ Automotive D-bulb weather stripping Weather-stripping is an important feature of any body. Our doors are sealed with D-bulb weatherstripping to ensure that no moisture gains entry to the interior of our toolboxes. \ Multi-panel doors with internal reinforcements Our doors are built with reinforced panels to prevent flexing and sagging with repeated use. \ Pollished aluminum fender Stainless fenders add a stylish touch to your service body, with the added benefit of being corrosion-resistant too. \ PAINT \ 100% primer & top coat We use the industry’s finest powder primer and powder top coat so you don’t have to worry about rust and corrosion, keeping our beds looking good for years to come. \ Individually coated components for maximum coverage Because CM coats every single part of our service body, you can rest assured that the parts of the body that you cannot see look as good as the ones you can. \ Powder-coated tool box interior We powder and primer everything, even the interior of your toolboxes. This ensures that when your tools shift in transit, they won’t end up with rust and corrosion.




CM Truck Beds


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